Williamsburg Players
The Front Page


Mar. 10-26, 2016

Set against the crime-riddled backdrop of Prohibition Era Chicago, The Front Page is a fast-talking, fast-paced comedy. Hildy Johnson, star reporter for the Chicago Examiner, is abandoning the seedy journalistic life to start anew in New York with his fiancee, Peggy. His tough-as-nails editor Walter Burns will stop at nothing to keep him from leaving, especially on the eve of the execution of Earl Williams, an anarchist convicted for shooting a cop. When Williams escapes prison and stumbles into the press room of the criminal courts building, Johnson and Burns hide him in a rolltop desk, jumping at the chance to run the exclusive story, and to expose the corrupt Mayor and Sheriff in the process. Will Earl Williams be hanged? Will Burns convince Johnson to stay? Will Johnson miss his train and lose his fiancee?

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