You're a Good Man Charlie Brown
You're a Good Man Charlie Brown (past show)

Book By Clark Gesner
Lyrics By Clark Gesner
Presented by special arrangement with Tams-Wittmark Music Library, Inc.
Directed By Valerie Chamness Chin
From September-7 To September-23, 2017

Audition Information

Director's Note:
Please prepare 90 seconds of an up-tempo song with strong character choices. Potential cast members must bring sheet music in their key. An accompanist will be provided, but a cappella auditions or recorded tracks will not be considered. Wear comfortable clothes and shoes and be prepared to move. We are looking for good singers who move well and make strong choices. PLEASE DO NOT PREPARE YOUR SONG IN A CHARACTER VOICE! We want to hear YOU! If a character voice is required, we will ask for it after we hear you sing initially. We may also give you direction and have you sing your song a second time, to see how you work. Keep in mind that these characters are simple in word and action, but very complex in their thoughts and emotions. We will be looking for people who can portray this juxtaposition honestly.

Show dates are September 7-9, 14-16, and 21-23. Rehearsals will be 3-4 times a week beginning the week of July 17, based on cast availability. All auditioners should bring an accurate list of conflicts from July-September. Due to the small cast size and ensemble nature of the show, we will be looking at availability very closely. An exorbitant number of conflicts may prevent us from casting you. All actors 18 and up are welcome to audition.

Character Breakdown:
Charlie Brown: An average, round-headed kid with an uncanny run of bad luck. While he tries to keep an optimistic outlook, his utter lack of ability and luck often send him into depression. Although the people around him generally agree that he is a 'good' person, he struggles with what that means, and what to do with it.

Sally Brown: Charlie Brown's little sister. She is an ebullient, emotional, active child, trying to figure out why the world doesn't run on her terms. She finds school work in particular completely puzzling and useless. She is undaunted by these setbacks, and is very willing to try a new philosophy each day to solve the riddle of the world around her. (Soprano, Legit and Mix sound)

Lucy Van Pelt: A fussbudget with a forceful personality. She values personal beauty and power, but has an unrealistic view of herself in regards to these things. Although she has a mean streak a mile wide, she does have a softer side, and she is a hard worker. Her unrequited love for Schroeder is a source of endless frustration to her. (Mix and belt sound)

Linus Van Pelt: Lucy's little brother. Linus is brilliant, and very adult like in the way he processes things. He is somewhat hampered by his dependence on his security blanket, which is his greatest love in life. He also adores his big sister, sometimes so much that he will ignore his genius to learn from her. (Must be a strong dancer.)

Schroeder: A true music nerd. He loves Beethoven and hates commercialism. He is very studious in his musicianship, to the point where he often ignores the people around him. For this reason, he is oblivious to Lucy's affections and does not always relate well to others. He doesn't seem to mind, though, and vigorously pursues his goal of making Beethoven's Birthday a national holiday. (Strong gospel, pop voice.)

Snoopy: Charlie Brown's dog. Snoopy is not a realistic portrayal of a dog. He has an expansive imagination which allows him to step out of the real world and become something beyond his beagle body. Although he is not necessarily considerate of others, he is never malicious. His favorite things are suppertime, and pretending to take down the evil Red Baron as the World War I Flying Ace. (Must be a good dancer with strong stage presence)

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