Lucky Stiff
Lucky Stiff

Book By Lynn Ahrens and Stephen Flaherty
Presented by special arrangement with Music Theatre International
Directed By Rosemary Allmann and Marcia DiMattia
From February-1 To February-17, 2018

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Lucky Stiff
Book and Lyrics by Lynn Ahrens. Music by Stephen Flaherty
Based on "The Man Who Broke The Bank At Monte Carlo" by Michael Butterworth
Music Theatre International
Directed by Rosemary Allmann and Marcia DiMattia (Roma Productions)

Performances Feb 1st - Feb 17th 2018
Shows Thursday-Saturday (2 performances on Saturday)


December 3rd and 4th 2017 at 7:00- 9:30
James/York Playhouse
200 Hubbard Lane
Williamsburg, VA 23185

No prepared material needed. Sides provided.
Short music cuts from show will be taught.
British, Italian, French, and New York accents needed for some characters.

Harry Witherspoon (early 30s, tenor)
British, underpaid shoe salesmen, shy, insecure, lonely; lives in dreary London suburb

Annabel Glick (early 30s, soprano)
Representative of the Universal Dog Home of Brooklyn, takes life way too seriously, dedicates herself to good works; quirky

Rita La Porta (early 40s, mezzo)
Hard-edged woman with an extremely volatile nature and a severe case of nearsightedness, passionate, impulsive, jealous, manipulative

Vinnie Di Ruzzio (early 40s, tenor)
Rita's brother, an optometrist, nervous and conservative, not a risk taker, and allergic to smoke

Luigi Gaudi (50+, baritone)
Boisterous gregarious Italian.

Casino Emcee (40s-60s, baritone)
French...very very French!

Dominique Du Monaco- (WOMAN OR MAN can play this part 20-40, contralto/alto OR high baritone/tenor) - Casino Show Star

Ensemble members:
We need all vocal ranges and looks. We need CHARACTERS, and the ability to play a variety of stock "types" will be a plus.

Show Synopsis -
Harry Witherspoon, an unassuming English shoe salesman, lives an uneventful life in East Grinstead, England. His life takes a dramatic turn when he learns that his uncle Anthony, a casino manager from Atlantic City, has been killed by his blind lover. Harry learns that he stands to inherit $6,000,000 from his uncle - but only if he agrees to take his Uncle's corpse on a trip to Monte Carlo. Otherwise, the money will all go to his uncle's favorite charity, the Universal Dog Home of Brooklyn. In a quest to gain his uncle's inheritance, Harry sets out to fulfill Anthony's dying wish. However, in Monte Carlo, he meets a host of quirky characters who are also in hot pursuit of his uncle's money.

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