Dandelion Wine
Dandelion Wine (past show)

By Ray Bradbury
Presented by special arrangement with Dramatic Publishing
Directed By Brandon Lyles
From November-2 To November-18, 2017


Set in the "down home" locale of Green Town, Illinois, Dandelion Wine is a moving play in which 38-year-old Doug Spaulding must uncork the most wrenching summer of his childhood in order to free himself of the loneliness that has been bottled up in his heart for the last 23 years. He does this by going back in time to June 1928, arriving as Mr. Forrester, a stranger to Green Town. He befriends Douglas, his bright-eyed teenage self, and together they relive those days of time machines, the "wonderful Para Litefoot tennis sneakers," and his grandfather's cellar full of dandelion wine. By doing this, Spaulding hopes he can rediscover what will once again put "music in his ears and magic in his eyes."

  • Jonathan Manning as Bill Forrester
  • Ronald Littman as Douglas Spaulding
  • Riley Nagle as Tom Spaulding
  • Mike Murphy as Matt Spaulding
  • Frank Connelly as Grandpa
  • Debbie Noonan as Grandma/Lena Auffmann
  • Tai Behel as John Huff
  • Emma Bavera as Ann Barclay
  • Terry Nienhuis as Colonel Freeleigh
  • Amy McCluskey as Miss Fern
  • Elizabeth Farrell as Miss Roberta
  • Don Ritz as Leo Auffmann
  • Jim Waldron as Mr. Sanderson
  • Patricia Shostak as Tarot Witch
  • Les Waldron as Great Grandma
  • Hannah Newsom as Jody Miller
  • Braden Coykendall as Junkman/Soda Fountain Clerk/Mr. Tridden
  • Canton Murphy as Neighborhood Kid #1
  • Libby Williams as Neighborhood Kid #2
  • Madeline Matney as Neighborhood Kid #3
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