Back Stage Volunteers
Back Stage

These volunteers are the unseen machine that enables us to put on great performances.

Stage Manager

The Stage Manager supervises the cast and crew during performances. He or she stays just off stage, but is in touch with the sound and light crew in the tech booth and assistant stage managers on the other side of the stage via wireless intercom. The Stage Manager is expected to attend rehearsals per Director's instructions and must be present for each performance.

Assistant Stage Manager

One or two Assistant Stage Managers are used backstage for each production. They assist performers in making their entrances at the appropriate times, and help assure that actors have the necessary personal props. They tell the Stage Manager whether the actors are in position. Assistant Stage Managers act as the Stage Manager's eyes and ears backstage for all technical preparations, and also help coordinate the set changes called for throughout the performance.

Lighting Technician

Along with the lighting designer, volunteers are needed to hang lighting instruments, place color gels on lights, and focus the beams. During performances lighting technicians operate follow spots and the lighting control board. Lighting Technicians need to be present at all technical rehearsals and performances, to execute the lighting cues. Previous experience is not necessary, but all volunteers must be trained on the theatre's lighting equipment.

Sound Technician

Following the completion of the sound plan by the sound designer, the sound technician prepares microphones for each performance and works in the booth during the show to maintain micro-phone volume levels and to insert sound effects on the appropriate cue. The Sound Technician is expected to be at all tech and dress rehearsals and at all performances. Previous experience is not necessary, but all volunteers must be trained on the sound equipment in the theatre's tech booth.

Props Master

The Props Master works with the Director to decide what props are needed for the show, and then coordinates the gathering of those items. This may involve pulling props from our storage and/or locating props from other sources to be borrowed or purchased. The Props Master is also responsible for making for making certain that props are returned to the proper place after the production closes. The Props Master may or may not be a part of the stage crew to pre-set props for actors, and then to put them away after each performance.

Props & Run Crew

The Props and Run Crew work behind the scenes to assure that all props are in the correct locations before and during performances, and are put away after each final curtain. They must be on hand for the final week of rehearsals and for performances. No previous backstage experience is necessary. This is an ideal position for getting to know the "how-tos" of backstage work.

Costume Assistants

Some costumes may be purchased or rented, but others must be created to specifications for a show. Costume Assistants work with the show's Costume Lead to create new costumes, or to alter existing ones. Such volunteers may be called upon for sewing, or for decorating hats or shoes, etc.

Set Contruction & Painting

Volunteers are needed to help build and paint sets which have been designed for a show. While individuals with carpentry skills are certainly valued, no such experience is required. A willing attitude is the most important asset. Tools and building supplies are provided.

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