Volunteers: Current Needs
Current Needs

We can always use an extra set of hands to run concessions, usher, or help on productions. Right now, though, we also need a few people who are willing to oversee specific areas of the theater. Please read the job descriptions below and see if you are the right person for any of these jobs.

Community Ticket Share Program Manager

There are people in our community who might love a night at the theater, but can't always afford it. Our Ticket Share program will offer a limited number of free opening weekend tickets to public servants, first-responders, and other targeted groups. Job responsibilities will include setting up codes in our database and contacting members of the community. A good manager should have good communication skills as well as current experience using computers and the Internet. Time commitment: approximately 5 hours for each production. If you are interested, send a message to: volunteering@williamsburgplayers.org

Costume Manager

Create an inventory for the theater's costume collection. Devise a process for lending costumes with documentation. Sort through costume inventory on a regular basis to identify worn out or unneeded items.Interact with costume designers for each show to help them identify pieces they can use. Confirm cleaning of costumes after each production and decide which costumes to keep in inventory, which to remove. Required: some experience with theatrical costuming. Time commitment: approximately 2 hours per week on your timetable, plus strike for each production. If you are interested, send a message to: volunteering@williamsburgplayers.org

Set Build Coordinator

Work with set designer for each show to identify build and strike dates and goals for each session. Advertise each set build session via email list. Make first contact with new build volunteers to encourage participation and identify skills. Help facilities manager and set designer to help ensure that needed materials are available. Coordinate a lunch run once or twice during builds for each show. Help recruit and train new set builders. The set build coordinator is not expected to attend every set build session, but is in charge of making sure that potential volunteers are aware of set builds and given the information and encouragement they need to stay involved. Required: Good digital and interpersonal communication skills, a basic understanding of scenic construction. Time commitment approximately 2 hours per production, plus hours of weekend set builds as available. Most work to be done via Internet on your time table. If you are interested, send a message to: volunteering@williamsburgplayers.org

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